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Estate Preservation Planning

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What is Estate Preservation Planning

Estate preservation refers to a person's steps to manage, organize, and protect their assets and wishes while alive. At its core, estate planning applies to EVERYONE. Your estate consists of property, money, possibly one or more interests in business, investments, and any other assets you have acquired. Other factors would include care for minors or pets and any charitable trusts or donations a person would want to include. Anyone with property or goods of any size should investigate estate preservation and planning regardless of how much (or little) you may have.
Wealth preservation means protecting yourself and your heirs from losing all you have worked to gain and save. Circumstances are different for everyone, and each individual or family's situation is unique, so some wealth preservation approaches may work well for you. In contrast, others might not be the right fit. Nevertheless, your assets are worth protecting!
When setting up an estate preservation course of action, you are protecting lives for generations to come…

Questions You May Have

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●      How do I begin to decide who gets what from my assets?
●      What are settlement costs? How do trusts, gifts, and other options help my heirs?
●      Can life insurance help with estate preservation or planning?
●      Do I consider health care when looking at Estate Preservation?
The greatest challenge is deciding what you want to accomplish with your estate;   this is where JFG agents can help. Agents can assist with evaluating your goals by working closely with you.

What We Offer

Estate preservation helps you protect your assets. By working with a licensed agent, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about wealth preservation strategies and conserve your estate.   


  • Charitable Strategies & Trusts

  • Life Insurance Trusts

  • Wealth Replacement Trusts

  • Life Insurance

  • Annuities

Signing a Contract

We are Here to Help

Need help choosing products and services to pursue your financial goals? Our financial professionals are standing by with the insight and tools you need to put them within reach.

Start Your Journey to Independence

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